The RTFV-35 Sqn Assoc. Bonza Raffle

Priceless RAAF memorabilia.




Your Association is making available several items of priceless RAAF Memorabilia which, for the very first time, are being offered to members and guests by way of a raffle.


There will be 10 invaluable prizes as follows:

  • 1st Prize.  WW2 Aircraft Whiskey Decanter set.

  • 2nd.  RAAF medallion set of six.

  • 3rd.  A copy of the Airmanís code.

  • 4th.  "Then Now and Always" hard cover book. 

  • 5th.  "Units of the RAAF" book.

  • 6th.  "Caribou book" - by Chris Jaensch.

  • 7th and 8th.  Each to receive a copy of "Wallaby Airlines" - a book by Jeff Pedrina.

  • 9th,  100 year anniversary Cuff Links and Tie Pin.

  • 10th,  A 35Sqn port crock.


All prizes are shown below.


One or more of these wonderful prizes could be yours for only $5.00 and your contribution will help your Association continue its important work. Proceeds from this raffle will go towards printing and publishing the book - "Suggy's Men."





Tickets are only $5.00 each, so please be generous and buy as many as you are able.


A total of only 400 tickets will be sold and the winners will be drawn electronically as soon as all tickets are sold. All prizes will be posted to the winner, so we need your address and phone number.


You can click HERE to see what ticket number(s) you have bought (This is updated at the end of each day). That will also show you how sales are progressing which will indicate when the raffle will be drawn.


If you would like the chance of winning one or several of the prizes, please fill in the form below then press SUBMIT. Don't forget to transfer your cost of tickets to the bank account below, making sure you enter your name on the remittance advice.



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