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RTFV/35Sqn Update

July 10, 2017 Uncategorized 0

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I have spoken to Lee’s son, Shane, re Lee’s Memorial Service on the 18/06/17 at Hunters Hill Bowls Club. He welcomes our participation. To help Shane, could you please advise me if you are attending. I will then be able to tell Shane the numbers. We were going to make a presentation to Lee on Anzac Day but we will now present it to Shane on the Memorial Day.

We are rebuilding our website to make it more user friendly. The main reason is there are not enough photos of the “A” team. This will be rectified. We are looking to expand our membership to all who served on Caribous in its 45 years of service to our nation. All ex 35 Squadron members who served are more than welcome as well as the current members of 35 Squadron. If you know any one who wants to be on our mail out list please let me know.

Don has advised me A4 231 will be unveiled on the 08 August at the National Vietnam Veterans Museum at Phillip Island and I will be attending.

I think it was a success. I haven’t been given the bullet yet. It will be the same next year. Everyone is welcome including partners.


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