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Official RTFV-35SQN Wallaby Airlines Tie - $27.50 ea.


Official RTFV-35SQN Polo Shirt - $55 ea.


Official RTFV-35SQN Collared Shirt - $50 ea.

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RAAF HAT - $25 ea. Including Postage



Official DVD - Untold Stories of the Caribou - $20 ea.


RFTV-35SQN Lapel Pin - $10 ea.


RFTV-35SQN Name Badge - $20 ea.


RFTV-35SQN Stubby Holder - $10 ea.


RFTV-35SQN Commemorative Plaque - $100 ea.



Books - $25-35 ea. Including Postage

walk with the tigersuggys mengrus story


Bumper Sticker - $5 ea. Including Postage

Bumper Sticker

USB Flash Drive - $7 ea. Including Postage

Comes with over 400 Stories and a Photo

USB Flash Drive