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Thank you for supporting our group by selecting products below, we will send them to you promptly after payment is processed. There is a wide range of products. All prices include postage & handling.


$25-35 ea. Including Postage

Official DVD - Untold Stories of the Caribou

$20 ea. Click here for more info

Official RTFV-35SQN Name Badge

$20 ea.Includes Postage

RTFV-35SQN Bumper Sticker

$5 ea. Includes Postage

Official RTFV-35SQN Lapel Pin

$10 ea. Includes Postage

Official Wallaby Airlines Flash Drive

$7 ea.Includes Postage. Comes with over 400 Stories and a Photo

Official RTFV-35SQN Polo Shirt

$55 ea. Includes Postage View Size Chart

Official RTFV-35SQN Collared Shirt

$50 ea. Includes PostageView Size Chart

Wallaby Airlines Stubby Holder

$10 ea. Includes Postage

Official RTFV-35SQN Commemorative Plaque

$100 ea. Includes Postage

Official RTFV-35SQN Neck Tie

$27.50 ea. Includes Postage

Official RAAF Hat

$25 ea. Includes Postage

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