DVA Veteran & Community grants program opens on the Community Grants Hub

Dear previous grant recipient,

 How you apply for a grant from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) is changing.

DVA is starting to use the Community Grants Hub (the Hub), which is a whole‑of‑government portal where you can search for different types of grants, lodge grant applications, and manage grants on-line.

The Veteran and Community Grants program is the first of DVA’s grants programs to open on the Hub from 20 February 2018.

If you wish to apply for a Veteran and Community grant you will need to submit a grant application online using the form on the Hub (www.communitygrants.gov.au).  To ensure your application is considered this financial year please apply before 28 February 2019.  Please note, paper grant applications will no longer be accepted.

The Hub contains information on the Veteran and Community Grants Program, such as grant guidelines, opening and closing dates, and instructions on how to complete and lodge your grants application.

For ease, instructions to help you with your on-line application are attached to this email.

You will also be able to get help desk support through the Hub by emailing support@communitygrants.gov.au or calling 1800 020 283.

If you think you may need help with your application please call or email the Hub as soon as possible to ask for help.  This will ensure any issues can be worked through in time for your application to be considered for funding.

Between February and July 2018 other DVA grants will be opening on the Community Grants Hub. The best way to keep across which grants are opening on the hub is to click on Subscribe for updates on the Community Grants Hub homepage: www.communitygrants.gov.au

For more information about the Community Grants Hub please visit www.communitygrants.gov.au or email support@communitygrants.gov.au or call on 1800 020 283.

Kind regards

DVA Grants Team

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John McDougall Save the Day!

R2000 dry plugs our start up

Tamborine Mountain hides many mysteries one of which involved out President John Mc D. Former ADI JohnCameron RTFV same time a Johns second stint 1965/66 in Vietnam sought advice on the R2000 on behalf of the collector and preserver of engines past Alan Robert.

John Mc D armed with his trusty 1964 R2000 Note Book ( in 64 the Aircraft were so new Manuals were coming later also the RAAF Techs who were trained in Canada were not in SVN on Johns 1st of 3 tours)

John double checked the Engine was all correctly together and, gave much advice which will not be found in Manuals and so the big moment came to apply the starter leads to the Batteries.

No clanks, no grinds just the sound of a sweet engine turning over… I WAS WORRIED AFTER THAT 12TH blade went past over the top it could fire up ..ha ha

But we now know it will and after further research into getting switches to make up a start/close panel, a pump for the fuel supply she will be a goer.

But…. if anyone brought home a caribou set of props in their kitbag WE WANT IT UP HERE (OR DC 3,4 or 6 set of props to cut down for static display runups) Know of any trading trading or for sale?..

Our Mr Caribou R2000 John Mc D has done it again ( not forgetting the owner who sourced parts to get it to this stage)

Morality list RTFV/35Sqn

A45020 SGT Anthony Charles ALLUM INST FITT 12-Mar-36 10-Dec-14 78 35SQN 17-Sep-70 16-Sep-71
A51716 SGT Ronald Albert ATKINSON A/C METAL WKR 31-Dec-19 1-Jan-05 85 35SQN 1-May-67 1-May-68
A21673 CPL John William BAILEY SEQ WORKER 15-Jul-28 20-Oct-05 77 35SQN 2-Dec-66 30-Nov-67
A1358 FSGT Clarence George BAKER AF FITT 11-Jul-25 5-Jan-07 81 35SQN 28-Oct-66 27-Oct-67
A22982 SGT Frederick Albert BALL ENG FITT 9-Feb-28 26-May-06 78 35SQN 29-Oct-68 30-Oct-69
A18542 CPL Ernest William BARNES SEQ WORKER 14-Aug-39 15-Mar-12 72 35SQN 19-Nov-68 20-Nov-69
A32297 WOFF Alan John BEEBY WO ENG 8-May-29 21-Jul-10 81 35SQN 2-Nov-71 19-Feb-72 Peacefully – Natural causes
O34245 FLTLT John Noel BELLAMY GD PILOT 3-Jun-28 not known ? 35SQN 1-Jun-66 4-Jan-68
A222804 AC Brian Michael BIRRELL AF FITT 26-Sep-45 1-Aug-11 65 35SQN 25-Jun-68 26-Jun-69
A217578 CPL Keith John BOSLEY AF FITT 2-May-39 13-Aug-14 75 35SQN 8-Apr-66 12-Dec-66 Also did 6 Missions to Vietnam with 37SQN between 1967 & 1970
A216777 CPL Keith Henry BOWDEN AF FITT 25-May-33 29-Jan-87 53 35SQN 7-Dec-65 15-Aug-66 Spinal Cancer
A45107 CPL Raymond George BROWN GEN HAND 31-Dec-29 22-Jul-17 87 35SQN 29-Oct-68 30-Oct-69
A2359 WOFF Stanley BUCKHAM WO ENG 24-May-24 28-Mar-10 85 35SQN 24-Nov-67 20-Nov-68
A218787 CPL Raymond William CAIRNS MTFITT (2) 15-Jan-41 6-Nov-14 73 35SQN 11-Nov-67 6-Nov-68
A21431 SGT Geoffrey Lawrence CARTER RAD TECH AIR 22-May-30 9-Dec-08 78 35SQN 25-Feb-69 26-Feb-70
O217663 SQNLDR Stanley CLARK GD PILOT 4-Jan-39 30-Jun-07 68 35SQN 12-Nov-70 11-Nov-71 DFC
A219943 LAC Jerimiah CLEARY CLERK SUPPLY 22-Sep-41 26-Jun-06 64 35SQN 17-Dec-65 22-Jul-66
A22943 SGT Russell Arthur CLUFF AF FITT 12-Aug-25 13-Jul-00 74 35SQN 15-Oct-69 25-Sep-70 Three Tours of 79 SQN – Ubon Thailand
A19141 LAC Leslie James COLTHUP A/C METAL WKR 6-Jul-37 15-Jul-02 65 35SQN 12-Aug-66 12-Aug-67
O316302 FLGOFF Ian Bruce COOPER GD PILOT 27-May-45 15-Apr-69 23 35SQN 4-Aug-67 30-Jul-68 MID RAAF Aircraft Accident at East Sale
O21013 FLTLT Eion Leyland COUGHLAN ENG ELEC 4-Aug-28 6-Oct-94 66 35SQN 4-Jun-69 2-Aug-69
A61557 LAC Glenn Anthony CUBIT ENG FITT 11-Jan-50 25-Mar-03 53 35SQN 15-Oct-70 14-Oct-71
A220722 LAC John Henry CURRY GEN FITT 14-Nov-38 27-Jun-11 72 35SQN 7-Dec-65 15-Aug-66
A223398 LAC Allen John CURTIS ENG FITT 22-Apr-44 31-Jan-10 65 35SQN 8-Apr-70 21-Jan-71
A222749 CPL Terrence Kevin DALY AF FITT 6-Jun-47 15-Nov-02 55 35SQN 19-May-71 5-Feb-72
A217974 LAC David Owen DAVIS ENG FITT 5-May-39 6-Jan-05 65 35SQN 20-May-66 19-May-67
A24908 SGT Richard John DE FRISKBOM AF FITT 10-Nov-35 12-Jul-05 69 35SQN 26-Aug-66 24-Aug-67 Lung Cancer
A221814 LAC Barry John DEAN ENG FITT 10-May-45 7-Jun-15 70 35SQN 6-Dec-67 4-Dec-68
A37147 SGT Albert John Melville DUDDINGTON AC METAL WKR 18-Jul-33 13-Feb-04 70 35SQN 22-Apr-70 22-Apr-71 Previous attachment to 9SQN in 1967.
A14976 LAC Douglas Malcolm ELLACOTT ENG FITT 28-Feb-38 30-Dec-16 78 35SQN 15-Jul-66 20-Mar-67
A314910 LAC Geoffrey David FISHER MT FITT 17-Oct-42 Late 1969 27 35SQN 11-Nov-66 12-Nov-67 Encephalitis
A218341 SGT Barry William FITZELL ENG FITT 11-Dec-39 Late 2013 73 35SQN 25-Jun-70 8-Jun-71 BEM
A217710 SGT Norman FLETCHER RAD TECH AIR 19-Oct-31 20-Dec-90 59 35SQN 25-Feb-68 26-Feb-69
A33520 SGT George Bromley GALLARD ELEC FITT 23-Oct-31 10-Sep-79 47 35SQN 27-Aug-69 28-Aug-70 Ruptured Eosophagus
A25674 SGT Ronald GOODSHIP ENG FITT 7-Aug-31 26-Jun-09 77 35SQN 3-Sep-68 26-Jun-69
A32840 LAC Leonard James GRINHAM ENG FITT 22-Dec-32 15-Jan-99 66 35SQN 17-Jun-66 16-Jun-67 Heart Attack
A31866 WOFF Richard Allen GRINTER WO ENG 5-Jan-21 1998 77 35SQN 17-Apr-67 27-Nov-67 OBE
O22015 WGCDR Russell Douglas GUTHRIE GD PILOT 24-Jan-23 5-Oct-15 92 35SQN 21-Nov-65 9-Jul-66 DFC Also posted to HQAFV from 02 – 07 October 1967
A317571 LAC Neill Russell HARRIS ENG FITT 20-Apr-43 30-Apr-74 31 35SQN 14-May-69 19-Mar-70
A15698 SGT Athol John HATTEN SUPPLY SUPERV 1-Sep-37 22-Aug-09 72 35SQN 1-Oct-70 16-Jul-71 Liver Cancer
A317162 LAC Ronald Phillip HENNINGS ENG FITT 24-Nov-35 20-May-17 81 35SQN 7-May-70 6-May-71 Entry in QLD RSL Magazine 2017.
O43460 FLTLT Frederick William HEUKE GD PILOT 22-Nov-37 20-Sep-09 71 35SQN 22-Oct-68 22-Oct-69 Prostate Cancer
A13743 SGT Kevin Daniel HILL AF FITT 15-Dec-33 12-Oct-10 76 35SQN 15-Jul-66 17-Jul-67
A32935 SGT Warren Arthur HOLLIS ENG FITT 2-Aug-32 4-Feb-11 78 35SQN 16-Jan-67 15-Jun-67
A33700 SGT Barry Thomas HYLAND ENG FITT 20-Jan-35 not known ? 35SQN 31-Jan-66 30-Jan-67 Two tours of 35SQN – 1964/65 and 1967.
A220919 LAC James Melville INGLIS AF FITT 6-Sep-45 20-Jun-76 30 35SQN 4-Aug-67 31-Jul-68
A19120 SGT Donald JACOBS AF FITT 23-Jul-35 30-Jun-15 79 35SQN 11-Feb-69 13-Nov-69
A45833 LAC William Henry JARVIS ENG FITT 12-Jan-36 22-Aug-76 40 35SQN 28-Jan-71 5-Feb-72
A17060 LAC William Leigh JOHNSTON SURF FIN 17-Sep-42 22-Feb-08 65 35SQN 25-Mar-66 5-Dec-66
A25970 SGT Roy Ernest JOYNER ENG FITT 7-Jun-23 7-Nov-74 51 35SQN 1-Nov-67 30-Oct-68
A15943 SGT Arthur Stanley KELLER AF FITT 20-Apr-36 6-May-11 75 35SQN 15-Apr-69 17-Apr-70
A318073 CPL Robert George LORD ENG FITT 26-Feb-44 10-Mar-94 50 35SQN 25-Mar-71 19-Feb-72 Also part of Evacuation Team in 1975.
A216981 CPL Lawrence LYNCH AF FITT 8-Nov-38 20-Sep-73 34 35SQN 1-Jul-66 30-Jun-67 Motor cycle accident at RAAF Richmond.
A31643 FSGT Thomas Samuel MADDOCK ENG FITT 7-Jul-22 27-May-12 89 35SQN 21-Jan-71 5-Feb-72
A21458 SGT Austin Leslie MAHER ENG FITT 27-Jun-28 not known ? 35SQN 5-Feb-68 22-Jan-69
O218372 FLTLT Frederick Barrie MARTIN GD PILOT 3-Sep-38 22-Jan-15 76 35SQN 28-May-69 15-Apr-70
A33938 CPL Alexander Francis MARTINI AF FITT 19-Apr-32 2-Aug-10 78 35SQN 21-Oct-66 19-Oct-67 Heart Attack
O4441 FLGOFF Robert Ayrton MAY GD PILOT 7-Oct-25 not known ? 35SQN 7-Oct-66 11-Oct-67
A14226 SGT James Alexander McNAUGHT ELEC FITT 24-Apr-36 not known ? 35SQN 3-Jun-66 2-Jun-67
O11419 WGCDR Charles James MELCHERT GD PILOT 29-May-22 20-Nov-02 80 35SQN 7-Jun-66 2-Jun-67 DFC
O221681 FLTLT Colin MONK GD PILOT 12-Feb-44 3-Feb-72 27 35SQN 18-Feb-69 28-Jan-70 MID Civilian Aircraft Accident
A113887 LAC James Thomas NEWCOMBE AF FITT 13-Jun-48 18-May-95 46 35SQN 20-Aug-70 8-Jun-71
A41090 CPL Kevin Ignatus O’BRIEN ENG FITT 9-Apr-34 not known ? 35SQN 18-Jun-69 16-Apr-70
A221925 LAC Laurence John PHIBBS RAD TECH AIR 13-Apr-42 15-Jun-93 51 35SQN 25-Jun-68 19-Jun-69
A2482 WOFF Kenneth Alfred PIGGOTT WO ENG 12-Apr-20 14-Nov-03 83 35SQN 20-Jul-64 24-Apr-67 (Two tours of 35SQN in Vietnam)
A33914 FSGT Percy George POWELL ENG FITT 14-Feb-21 5-Oct-83 62 35SQN 21-Jan-70 22-Jan-71
A222878 LAC Gary Ainsleigh POWER ENG FITT 19-Dec-47 28-Aug-72 24 35SQN 10-Dec-70 8-Jun-71 RAAF Aircraft Accident in PNG
A25608 CPL Kenneth Gordon RADFORD AF FITT 17-Jan-29 22-Jun-05 76 35SQN 25-Jun-69 19-Mar-70
A217616 SGT Barry REDSHAW AF FITT 25-Oct-40 7-Nov-17 77 35SQN 28-Jun-67 26-Jun-68
A44879 LAC Peter Barry RICHARDSON ENG FITT 2-Oct-48 1-Mar-12 63 35SQN 23-Jul-70 7-Jun-71
A19190 SGT Clarence John ROESE GEN FITT 11-Apr-31 21-May-11 80 35SQN 24-Jun-67 24-Jul-68
A216189 SGT Albert Edward RONKE AF FITT 22-Aug-26 20-Dec-89 63 35SQN 24-Sep-70 17-Sep-71 Heart Attack
A218886 CPL Derrick Frederick ROSE INST FITT 11-Oct-38 not known ? 35SQN 6-Jun-67 5-Jun-68
A317655 AC Adolf ROTH AF FITT 2-Oct-49 30-Dec-03 54 35SQN 17-Dec-70 17-Dec-71
O221706 FLGOFF John William RYDSTROM GD PILOT 10-May-45 1-Jul-95 50 35SQN 30-Jul-68 30-Jul-69 Civil aircraft accident in PNG.
A113812 LAC Christopher SAUNDERS ELEC FITT 11-Jul-47 22-Jun-05 57 35SQN 4-Jun-69 2-Aug-69
A45003 CPL Herbert Roy SHARPE AF FITT 17-Apr-30 24-Sep-77 47 35SQN 11-Feb-66 26-Feb-69 Cardiac – (Two tours of 35SQN)
A13480 SGT Nevell John SMALLWOOD AF FITT 27-Oct-27 30-Aug-15 87 35SQN 10-Nov-65 18-Jul-66
O33695 SQNLDR Charles David SMITHIES GD PILOT 16-Nov-31 1987 56 35SQN 3-Nov-71 26-Feb-72
O25686 FLTLT Herbert Walter SOLOMONS ENG AERO 19-Apr-34 11-Aug-04 70 35SQN 18-Jul-66 17-Jul-67 Parkinsons Disease – Cancer
A220729 CPL Sydney John STENNER AF FITT 5-Apr-43 18-Jun-90 47 35SQN 15-Apr-69 9-Oct-69 Suicide
A221406 CPL James Robert STORER RAD TECH AIR 24-Oct-45 23-Sep-95 49 35SQN 18-Oct-70 8-Jun-71 Cancer Related Death
A222399 LAC Robert Campbell Hamilton SUND ENG FITT 18-Nov-44 22-Jun-05 60 35SQN 14-May-68 15-May-69
A31832 FSGT Gerald Joseph SUNDBERG ENG FITT 27-Oct-24 1993 69 35SQN 25-Nov-66 20-Nov-67
A11621 FSGT Ian TAYLOR RAD TECH AIR 27-Jan-28 23-Jun-05 77 35SQN 29-Jul-66 28-Jul-67
A317555 AC Werner Peter THEILEMANN AF FITT 30-Sep-46 not known ? 35SQN 3-Nov-71 19-Feb-72
A19601 LAC Stanley Robert TILLEY AC METAL WKR 31-Jul-25 6-Jul-10 84 35SQN 14-Jan-66 15-Aug-66
A56059 LAC Hendrik Gerard VAN DER WOUDE AF FITT 29-Jan-43 3-Jun-90 47 35SQN 18-Jan-66 24oct19663 Cancer Related Death
A217790 SGT Tom VAN DYKEN ELEC FITT 31-Jan-29 20-Jun-17 88 35SQN 21-Jun-66 12-Sep-66
A111672 LAC Roderick Graeme VINEY ENG FITT 24-Sep-46 8-Jul-73 26 35SQN 29-Oct-69 24-Jul-70
A56032 CPL Daryl Keith WAGHORN ELEC FITT 30-Dec-42 14-Aug-78 35 35SQN 9-Apr-66 19-Sep-66
A316784 LAC Geoffrey Frederick WAY AF FITT 3-Nov-46 25-Mar-09 62 35SQN 4-Feb-69 6-Nov-69 Cancer Related Death
A224767 LAC Albert Douglas WILLIAMS GEN FITT 18-Sep-41 20-Feb-03 61 35SQN 23-Jul-69 24-Jul-70
A222470 LAC Maxwell George WILSON GEN HAND 19-Mar-43 5-Dec-07 64 35SQN 6-Jan-66 8-Sep-66
O43348 FLTLT Kevin Vernon GRIFFIN ENG AERO 31-Jan-41 Late 2001 60 35SQN 17-Jun-69 17-Jun-70 MID
A11948 FSGT John Colin CAMPBELL ELEC FITT 28-Jan-28 16-May-92 64 35SQN & 2SQN 14-Mar-67 26-Mar-70 Two Tours to Vietnam
A222520 LAC Kenneth Thomas GOSSNER GEN HAND 26-Jul-45 23-Jun-05 59 35SQN & 2SQN 19-Nov-68 20-Nov-69
A55714 CPL Raymond Charles CHANDLER A/C METAL WKR 22-Sep-37 10-Oct-07 70 35SQN & 9SQN 22-Oct-65 29-Jan-71 MID Cancer. Two Tours to Vietnam
A25884 SGT Daniel John GRAHAM AC METAL WKR 17-Oct-30 20-Dec-06 76 35SQN & 9SQN 23-Jan-67 12-Jun-69 Two Tours to Vietnam
A113076 CPL Kevin Lawrence PATERSON CLERK ADMIN 23-Jun-48 13-Dec-05 57 35SQN & 9SQN 13-Aug-69 15-May-70