UPDATE 17/11/17

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UPDATE 17/11/17

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I am about to order the Karki caps with the RTFV 35Sqn logo on the front it will be a few weeks before those who had ordered them before you receive them
I have just spent four nights in the hospital the had a drip on a drip I have to have a drip every six hours, I contacted CELLULITIS It is a Bactericidal skin infection I was on a cruise to PNG I had a little nick on my left arm it bleed and that how I got the infection? My left arm swelled to Popeye size very red I am on the mend now
Raffle will close on Sunday 29/11/17 and be drawn Monday 27/11/17 last chance to get tickets
We have 300 members now and new members are joining anyone who served with WALLAby AIRLINES should join we also have many more emails that receive our emails
Newsletter Update
I am putting together a newsletter if anyone has something to contribute send it to me asap
Cheers Sambo

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