Operation Wandering Souls

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Operation Wandering Souls

October 1, 2019 News 0

Operation Wandering Souls project

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For dissemination:


I’ve attached a one page blurb about our Operation Wandering Souls project.

You might also like to alert your members to our ‘Australia’s Vietnam War’ website where veterans can upload their photos and add their recollections to the more than 6500 combat incidents we have plotted on the battle map.   The URL is below my signature block.

Over the next 6 months or so we’re hoping to be able to add information about the operations of 9 Squadron (Iroquois), 2 Squadron (Canberras) and 35 Squadron (Caribou) operations.
We’re also hoping to add a completely new website showing all the Commonweath forces contacts during Konfrontasi with Indonesia.

Bob Hall
Dr Bob Hall| Military Operations Analysis Team Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society
University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy, PO Box 7916, Canberra BC   ACT   2610 Australia
Telephone:  +61 2 6268 8848  Facsimile:  +61 2 6268 8879  Email: b.hall@adfa.edu.au http://hass.unsw.adfa.edu.au/staff/profiles/hall.html

Visit the ‘Australia’s Vietnam War’ website at: https://vietnam.unsw.adfa.edu.au<https://vietnam.unsw.adfa.edu.au/>
For The Search for Tactical Success in Vietnam, see:  www.cambridge.org/9781107098442<http://www.cambridge.org/9781107098442>
For Shots per casualty: an indicator of combat efficiency for the first Australian task force in South Vietnam, see:  https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/uGFqkaEDptjMmvYBFKd4/full

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