Peter DeJonge update

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Peter DeJonge update

December 23, 2019 News 0

24 December 2019


Peter De Jonge

John Griffiths, Trevor Benneworth, John McDougall, Peter Gleeson and I caught up with Peter yesterday.  It may come as a shock to those of you who know Peter, he does have a heart!!!  Although it is only working at 20% of it’s capacity.  He is taking a tablet that might work or might not.  He is in good spirits.  His days of doing ballet and many of the hi-jinx that he used to do may

be over.  He is looking forward to next ANZAC Day ‘lup you kangarous man’.  I will meet with Peter early in the New Year.  If you want to contact Peter, you can call him on 0408 743 302.

August Reunion

The deposit for the August Reunion has been paid so the dates are locked in 6 August to 8/9 August 2020.

35 Squadron

The current 35 Squadron members are joining our Association, therefore securing our future.

Welcome aboard Wallaby Airlines to all 35 Squadron personnel.

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year to all.



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