Chris Jaensch final yearsin RAAF service Caribou

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Chris Jaensch final yearsin RAAF service Caribou

April 30, 2020 News 0

Caribou From The Cockpit – Chris Jaensch

This gentleman is Tony Fookes, (pictured on the right, photo courtesy of AWM)- a former RAAF Dakota
& Caribou Pilot & Commanding Officer of 35SQN from 1967-1968 which included a tour in Vung Tau,

The son asked if I would mind giving his father a call sometime as he said he would love to talk
Caribous again with someone who understands” as a lot of his mates from the day are no longer

I jumped at this chance to speak to Tony and must say I was pretty chuffed to even be asked.

So on ANZAC day 2020 I phoned Tony and had a wonderful chat for around half an hour- He told me
casually that Vietnam “put plenty of holes in their aeroplanes!” I am thankful I never had holes in
my Caribous when I flew them!

If anybody worked with or under Tony Fookes’ command as CO of 35SQN I am sure he would love to
speak to you about all things Caribou. Please get in touch with me if you would like his contact
details, I’m sure it will make his day!

Kind regards,

Chris Jaensch

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