Message from 35SQN WOFF Evan Cannard

Wallaby Airlines | 35 Squadron | RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam

Message from 35SQN WOFF Evan Cannard

May 10, 2023 News 0

From: Cannard, Evan WOFF
Sent: Friday, 5 May 2023 8:47 AM
Subject: 35SQN Association [SEC=OFFICIAL]


Good morning all,

The association formally known as RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam (RTFV) – 35 Squadron Wallaby Airlines is now simply “Wallaby Airlines Association”

This change has come about as the old blokes considered they may have pigeon holed themselves and be seen as an elite group only consisting of Vietnam vets.

BLUF. They need your patronage. For $55 (the price of a carton) you can become a lifetime member. Please consider what this change means to these old blokes, It’s a big deal and one that they have done to try and encourage 35SQN members to join.

I totally understand, for most of you 35SQN is not the only squadron you have been involved with, and it won’t be your last squadron that you will show your loyalty to over your careers. I can promise you this, with my experience of multiple squadrons, this is the best squadron in the Air Force by a long shot and this is your opportunity to stay connected to it.

Stay classy

WOFF Evan Cannard




Air Mobility Group | 84 Wing | No 35SQN
BLD 1400 | RAAF Amberley QLD 4306

T: (07) 5362 3245 M: 0434011026

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