Associations Day – RAAF Amberley – RSVP – Updated Form

It is proposed that your Association (RTFV-35Sqn) will hold, in conjunction with 35Squadron at Amberley, an Associations Day.  This will be held on the Base at the 35 Squadron area in August each year to commemorate the month RTFV commended operations in Vietnam all those years ago.

This year it will be held on Friday the 9th August and thereafter on the second Friday of August each year.

The day will be an opportunity to meet and chat with current 35SQN personnel, have a look through the SQN’s facilities and aircraft and to enjoy a barbecue and a few drinks.

Depending on numbers, we can arrange discounted accommodation at the Oaks or Quest hotels in Ipswich or perhaps at one of the Caravan Parks near Amberley. Please indicate below if you’ll require accommodation.

So that we can plan the event, if you would be interested in attending, we ask that you complete the form below and let us know your intentions.



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ANZAC DAY Update – Letter to Premier & Email from From Geoff Hall

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From: John Sambrooks <>
Sent: Tuesday, 16 April 2019 11:01 AM
Subject: RTFV 35Sqn

Hi All
Attached is a letter to the Qld Premier
Re Anzac Day


Click here to read – the letter to Premier


Dear Premier,

Please find attached a letter re the order of march on ANZAC Day.  I have
sent correspondence and had discussions with the current ANZAC Day
Committee.  All to no avail.  To me, they are trying to militarize the ANZAC
Day march with including weapons of war in  the march.  I believe this issue
has now been resolved but the march is far too long with more and more
service personnel marching.  I have included an email from Geoff Hall about
the time frame.  In previous years we would finish the march by 11:00 a.m.
Premier, I hope you can help with this issue.

John Sambrooks
Hon. Secretary/Treasurer
RTFV-35 Squadron Association
Wallaby Airlines



G’day blokes. Have just arrived home last Friday very weary after our trip
from Adelaide to home. Read the email about our position in the march this
year. Setting off at 11:20 means not marching until 11:45. Weren’t we (the
RAAF) last in the parade last year?? I know Perth has a constant Navy then
Army & then RAAF every year. If that is the case here I doubt if I will be
marching in Brisbane again. As for this year, I will be marching at the Gold

Have fun.

Regards Geoff


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Wallaby Airlines Lunch Meetup

Hi Everyone,

Don’t forget about the Wallaby Airlines Lunch Meetup.

At Jade Buddha Bar & Kitchen on the Second Thursday of Each Month.

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Look forward to seeing you there!

35 Squadron 75th Anniversary Address – Castle Hill RSL – September 2017

Good day John and Sambo,

Thought I would give you an update on the 75th Anniversary function. It was a very enjoyable night. We were seated with CAF AIRMSHL Leo Davies, his wife Rhonda, and CO 35SQN WGCDR Jarrod Pendlebury and his wife Selda. We were able to talk with them a bit but they were circulating around as you might imagine. We were given a great welcome and I got some good feedback on my talk which was on behalf of the RTFV/35SQN Association. They put us up in the Novotel at Castle Hill which was great as I am a bit hesitant to drive long distance at night now in case I fall asleep. In short we were very well looked after.

My talk was historical, Jarrod spoke of the present and Leo spoke of the future. We were each given 10min for our talk. I have attached a copy of the basis for my talk for your information. Maybe it is not 100% accurate working from memory but I did cross-check it as much as I could during its preparation. Jarrod indicated that the squadron was very happy with the C27J Spartan. Either he or the CAF expressed the view that it was not really a Caribou replacement nor a small C130 but rather a tactical transport with its own place in the air force which will continue to evolve with time.

I did send in quite a few photos from my own slides collection and from others but they were not included in the slide show. However, they should now be in the 35SQN archives. Talking of photos I have established that the AWM photos taken in 1966 in Vietnam and covering Harold Holt’s visit may now be found at the following link: CLICK HERE

I have also sent a similar email to Don Pollock to show him the talk I gave in his place.

Thanks for the opportunity to attend on your behalf.

Hope you are well



75th Anniversary Address 35SQN 2017 – click here to view