Update 2/08/2017

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Update 2/08/2017

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Our new website is starting to take shape thanks to Katrina puranik from  ITiQLD Technologies contact details katrina@itiqld.com mob 0449 578 655 it will only get better from now on it has been a long road to get to where we are today and I must thank a few people who helped along the way Leo Galligan who set up our first website when we received a grant from veteran’s affairs to start our website from their Trevor Benneworth looked after our website Trevor red rad tech  God knows where the website would have been was left to my  devices to run the website but with the new format even I can place entries on the website relieving Trevor of some stress in doing all the entries on our website

if anyone need to refurbish or indeed to start a new website I highly recommend Katrina who details around on our website and contact her if you wish


aerospace industries have been our sponsor for several years possibly 7 to 8 years with airbus taking over I think we have now lost our sponsorship we are looking for a new sponsor so if you know anyone interested in getting involved the world best Association have them contact John McDougall or indeed myself we do have a lot to offer sponsors we would prefer an annual sponsorship. A big Thanks our other sponsors digital Pacific MR David Mewling from digital Pacific they host websites again if you are looking for a web host please consider digital Pacific

35 Squadron

I’ve tried to form a good and workable relationship with the new 35 Squadron  Beetle Bailey and René Halley are excellent Beetle is now discharged but hopefully he will keep us up-to-date with any happenings from 35 Squadron I am hoping some of the members join our Association I can recall when I was in the RAAF I never knew associations like ours existed but upon discharge and losing contact with   the comings and goings of Squadron’s it’s then you realize the importance of joining an Association such as ours there is one incident that comes to mind is Barry Ingrate email to me Barry at the time he sent this the email to me was housebound he sent an email thanking me for keeping him in touch with all the happenings and his ex-mates that he served with he said it felt like he was in touch with the outside world which to me is a good thing

38 Squadron Association

38 Squadron Association is up and running you can contact John Griffiths email dakota38@optusnet.com.au John will give you any information needed to join 38 Squadron mobile number 0418 161 303 I have also invited 38 Squadron every Anzac Day to join us at the Jade Buddha let’s hope we see them they are believe nine Squadron are attending the SAS function upstairs at the Jade Buddha and won’t be joining us as I believe two Squadron Association won’t be joining us because of all our members eating many years ago their food I must mention I was not a member of our Association then and did not eat two Squadron’s

Anzac Day

I think our Anzac Day has become a great success with the entertainment we have and I think it will continue each year hopefully we can attract more Visitors from other States I will try to do a deal with some accommodation hotels in Brisbane. I’d like to thank Bill klause from the Navy Vendetta Association for allowing us to join them at the Jade Buddha

35 Squadron anniversary I won’t be attending the Castle Hill RSL where the anniversary celebration is to be held on Friday, 15 September 2017. it is very difficult to go down for one night I will be sending a letter of congratulations 35 which will get anyone of our members who attends to present the letter on the night Details are on our website www.retfv-35sqn.org

website I would like photos of members in Vietnam and photos of them today so I can put them on the website then and now they will only stay there for a short time unless you were a member of the  A TEAM they will be displayed permanently I  would thank our first secretary Jeff Hall and his partner in crime Keith Kinch they designed our banner which to this day we still march under Jeff also sent the letter so that we could march and participate in every march since 1993 another thank you must go to John Webster who was the secretary before me and done a great job the last thanks  must go to  John McDougall he has been president since day one thanks to all of you guys setting up our Association what it is today

New Members

We have new members from 35Sqn Charley Van Hulsentop, David Geck, Sam Hansen, Slade Kidner welcome to Wallaby Airlines

Stew Bonett should be out of Hospital Vets Affairs were doing modification to his house. Keep getting better Stew


Rocky Rockliff our deepest Sympathy and condolences to his family Rocky serve with RTFV 1965


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