Morality list RTFV/35Sqn

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Morality list RTFV/35Sqn

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A45020 SGT Anthony Charles ALLUM INST FITT 12-Mar-36 10-Dec-14 78 35SQN 17-Sep-70 16-Sep-71
A51716 SGT Ronald Albert ATKINSON A/C METAL WKR 31-Dec-19 1-Jan-05 85 35SQN 1-May-67 1-May-68
A21673 CPL John William BAILEY SEQ WORKER 15-Jul-28 20-Oct-05 77 35SQN 2-Dec-66 30-Nov-67
A1358 FSGT Clarence George BAKER AF FITT 11-Jul-25 5-Jan-07 81 35SQN 28-Oct-66 27-Oct-67
A22982 SGT Frederick Albert BALL ENG FITT 9-Feb-28 26-May-06 78 35SQN 29-Oct-68 30-Oct-69
A18542 CPL Ernest William BARNES SEQ WORKER 14-Aug-39 15-Mar-12 72 35SQN 19-Nov-68 20-Nov-69
A32297 WOFF Alan John BEEBY WO ENG 8-May-29 21-Jul-10 81 35SQN 2-Nov-71 19-Feb-72 Peacefully – Natural causes
O34245 FLTLT John Noel BELLAMY GD PILOT 3-Jun-28 not known ? 35SQN 1-Jun-66 4-Jan-68
A222804 AC Brian Michael BIRRELL AF FITT 26-Sep-45 1-Aug-11 65 35SQN 25-Jun-68 26-Jun-69
A217578 CPL Keith John BOSLEY AF FITT 2-May-39 13-Aug-14 75 35SQN 8-Apr-66 12-Dec-66 Also did 6 Missions to Vietnam with 37SQN between 1967 & 1970
A216777 CPL Keith Henry BOWDEN AF FITT 25-May-33 29-Jan-87 53 35SQN 7-Dec-65 15-Aug-66 Spinal Cancer
A45107 CPL Raymond George BROWN GEN HAND 31-Dec-29 22-Jul-17 87 35SQN 29-Oct-68 30-Oct-69
A2359 WOFF Stanley BUCKHAM WO ENG 24-May-24 28-Mar-10 85 35SQN 24-Nov-67 20-Nov-68
A218787 CPL Raymond William CAIRNS MTFITT (2) 15-Jan-41 6-Nov-14 73 35SQN 11-Nov-67 6-Nov-68
A21431 SGT Geoffrey Lawrence CARTER RAD TECH AIR 22-May-30 9-Dec-08 78 35SQN 25-Feb-69 26-Feb-70
O217663 SQNLDR Stanley CLARK GD PILOT 4-Jan-39 30-Jun-07 68 35SQN 12-Nov-70 11-Nov-71 DFC
A219943 LAC Jerimiah CLEARY CLERK SUPPLY 22-Sep-41 26-Jun-06 64 35SQN 17-Dec-65 22-Jul-66
A22943 SGT Russell Arthur CLUFF AF FITT 12-Aug-25 13-Jul-00 74 35SQN 15-Oct-69 25-Sep-70 Three Tours of 79 SQN – Ubon Thailand
A19141 LAC Leslie James COLTHUP A/C METAL WKR 6-Jul-37 15-Jul-02 65 35SQN 12-Aug-66 12-Aug-67
O316302 FLGOFF Ian Bruce COOPER GD PILOT 27-May-45 15-Apr-69 23 35SQN 4-Aug-67 30-Jul-68 MID RAAF Aircraft Accident at East Sale
O21013 FLTLT Eion Leyland COUGHLAN ENG ELEC 4-Aug-28 6-Oct-94 66 35SQN 4-Jun-69 2-Aug-69
A61557 LAC Glenn Anthony CUBIT ENG FITT 11-Jan-50 25-Mar-03 53 35SQN 15-Oct-70 14-Oct-71
A220722 LAC John Henry CURRY GEN FITT 14-Nov-38 27-Jun-11 72 35SQN 7-Dec-65 15-Aug-66
A223398 LAC Allen John CURTIS ENG FITT 22-Apr-44 31-Jan-10 65 35SQN 8-Apr-70 21-Jan-71
A222749 CPL Terrence Kevin DALY AF FITT 6-Jun-47 15-Nov-02 55 35SQN 19-May-71 5-Feb-72
A217974 LAC David Owen DAVIS ENG FITT 5-May-39 6-Jan-05 65 35SQN 20-May-66 19-May-67
A24908 SGT Richard John DE FRISKBOM AF FITT 10-Nov-35 12-Jul-05 69 35SQN 26-Aug-66 24-Aug-67 Lung Cancer
A221814 LAC Barry John DEAN ENG FITT 10-May-45 7-Jun-15 70 35SQN 6-Dec-67 4-Dec-68
A37147 SGT Albert John Melville DUDDINGTON AC METAL WKR 18-Jul-33 13-Feb-04 70 35SQN 22-Apr-70 22-Apr-71 Previous attachment to 9SQN in 1967.
A14976 LAC Douglas Malcolm ELLACOTT ENG FITT 28-Feb-38 30-Dec-16 78 35SQN 15-Jul-66 20-Mar-67
A314910 LAC Geoffrey David FISHER MT FITT 17-Oct-42 Late 1969 27 35SQN 11-Nov-66 12-Nov-67 Encephalitis
A218341 SGT Barry William FITZELL ENG FITT 11-Dec-39 Late 2013 73 35SQN 25-Jun-70 8-Jun-71 BEM
A217710 SGT Norman FLETCHER RAD TECH AIR 19-Oct-31 20-Dec-90 59 35SQN 25-Feb-68 26-Feb-69
A33520 SGT George Bromley GALLARD ELEC FITT 23-Oct-31 10-Sep-79 47 35SQN 27-Aug-69 28-Aug-70 Ruptured Eosophagus
A25674 SGT Ronald GOODSHIP ENG FITT 7-Aug-31 26-Jun-09 77 35SQN 3-Sep-68 26-Jun-69
A32840 LAC Leonard James GRINHAM ENG FITT 22-Dec-32 15-Jan-99 66 35SQN 17-Jun-66 16-Jun-67 Heart Attack
A31866 WOFF Richard Allen GRINTER WO ENG 5-Jan-21 1998 77 35SQN 17-Apr-67 27-Nov-67 OBE
O22015 WGCDR Russell Douglas GUTHRIE GD PILOT 24-Jan-23 5-Oct-15 92 35SQN 21-Nov-65 9-Jul-66 DFC Also posted to HQAFV from 02 – 07 October 1967
A317571 LAC Neill Russell HARRIS ENG FITT 20-Apr-43 30-Apr-74 31 35SQN 14-May-69 19-Mar-70
A15698 SGT Athol John HATTEN SUPPLY SUPERV 1-Sep-37 22-Aug-09 72 35SQN 1-Oct-70 16-Jul-71 Liver Cancer
A317162 LAC Ronald Phillip HENNINGS ENG FITT 24-Nov-35 20-May-17 81 35SQN 7-May-70 6-May-71 Entry in QLD RSL Magazine 2017.
O43460 FLTLT Frederick William HEUKE GD PILOT 22-Nov-37 20-Sep-09 71 35SQN 22-Oct-68 22-Oct-69 Prostate Cancer
A13743 SGT Kevin Daniel HILL AF FITT 15-Dec-33 12-Oct-10 76 35SQN 15-Jul-66 17-Jul-67
A32935 SGT Warren Arthur HOLLIS ENG FITT 2-Aug-32 4-Feb-11 78 35SQN 16-Jan-67 15-Jun-67
A33700 SGT Barry Thomas HYLAND ENG FITT 20-Jan-35 not known ? 35SQN 31-Jan-66 30-Jan-67 Two tours of 35SQN – 1964/65 and 1967.
A220919 LAC James Melville INGLIS AF FITT 6-Sep-45 20-Jun-76 30 35SQN 4-Aug-67 31-Jul-68
A19120 SGT Donald JACOBS AF FITT 23-Jul-35 30-Jun-15 79 35SQN 11-Feb-69 13-Nov-69
A45833 LAC William Henry JARVIS ENG FITT 12-Jan-36 22-Aug-76 40 35SQN 28-Jan-71 5-Feb-72
A17060 LAC William Leigh JOHNSTON SURF FIN 17-Sep-42 22-Feb-08 65 35SQN 25-Mar-66 5-Dec-66
A25970 SGT Roy Ernest JOYNER ENG FITT 7-Jun-23 7-Nov-74 51 35SQN 1-Nov-67 30-Oct-68
A15943 SGT Arthur Stanley KELLER AF FITT 20-Apr-36 6-May-11 75 35SQN 15-Apr-69 17-Apr-70
A318073 CPL Robert George LORD ENG FITT 26-Feb-44 10-Mar-94 50 35SQN 25-Mar-71 19-Feb-72 Also part of Evacuation Team in 1975.
A216981 CPL Lawrence LYNCH AF FITT 8-Nov-38 20-Sep-73 34 35SQN 1-Jul-66 30-Jun-67 Motor cycle accident at RAAF Richmond.
A31643 FSGT Thomas Samuel MADDOCK ENG FITT 7-Jul-22 27-May-12 89 35SQN 21-Jan-71 5-Feb-72
A21458 SGT Austin Leslie MAHER ENG FITT 27-Jun-28 not known ? 35SQN 5-Feb-68 22-Jan-69
O218372 FLTLT Frederick Barrie MARTIN GD PILOT 3-Sep-38 22-Jan-15 76 35SQN 28-May-69 15-Apr-70
A33938 CPL Alexander Francis MARTINI AF FITT 19-Apr-32 2-Aug-10 78 35SQN 21-Oct-66 19-Oct-67 Heart Attack
O4441 FLGOFF Robert Ayrton MAY GD PILOT 7-Oct-25 not known ? 35SQN 7-Oct-66 11-Oct-67
A14226 SGT James Alexander McNAUGHT ELEC FITT 24-Apr-36 not known ? 35SQN 3-Jun-66 2-Jun-67
O11419 WGCDR Charles James MELCHERT GD PILOT 29-May-22 20-Nov-02 80 35SQN 7-Jun-66 2-Jun-67 DFC
O221681 FLTLT Colin MONK GD PILOT 12-Feb-44 3-Feb-72 27 35SQN 18-Feb-69 28-Jan-70 MID Civilian Aircraft Accident
A113887 LAC James Thomas NEWCOMBE AF FITT 13-Jun-48 18-May-95 46 35SQN 20-Aug-70 8-Jun-71
A41090 CPL Kevin Ignatus O’BRIEN ENG FITT 9-Apr-34 not known ? 35SQN 18-Jun-69 16-Apr-70
A221925 LAC Laurence John PHIBBS RAD TECH AIR 13-Apr-42 15-Jun-93 51 35SQN 25-Jun-68 19-Jun-69
A2482 WOFF Kenneth Alfred PIGGOTT WO ENG 12-Apr-20 14-Nov-03 83 35SQN 20-Jul-64 24-Apr-67 (Two tours of 35SQN in Vietnam)
A33914 FSGT Percy George POWELL ENG FITT 14-Feb-21 5-Oct-83 62 35SQN 21-Jan-70 22-Jan-71
A222878 LAC Gary Ainsleigh POWER ENG FITT 19-Dec-47 28-Aug-72 24 35SQN 10-Dec-70 8-Jun-71 RAAF Aircraft Accident in PNG
A25608 CPL Kenneth Gordon RADFORD AF FITT 17-Jan-29 22-Jun-05 76 35SQN 25-Jun-69 19-Mar-70
A217616 SGT Barry REDSHAW AF FITT 25-Oct-40 7-Nov-17 77 35SQN 28-Jun-67 26-Jun-68
A44879 LAC Peter Barry RICHARDSON ENG FITT 2-Oct-48 1-Mar-12 63 35SQN 23-Jul-70 7-Jun-71
A19190 SGT Clarence John ROESE GEN FITT 11-Apr-31 21-May-11 80 35SQN 24-Jun-67 24-Jul-68
A216189 SGT Albert Edward RONKE AF FITT 22-Aug-26 20-Dec-89 63 35SQN 24-Sep-70 17-Sep-71 Heart Attack
A218886 CPL Derrick Frederick ROSE INST FITT 11-Oct-38 not known ? 35SQN 6-Jun-67 5-Jun-68
A317655 AC Adolf ROTH AF FITT 2-Oct-49 30-Dec-03 54 35SQN 17-Dec-70 17-Dec-71
O221706 FLGOFF John William RYDSTROM GD PILOT 10-May-45 1-Jul-95 50 35SQN 30-Jul-68 30-Jul-69 Civil aircraft accident in PNG.
A113812 LAC Christopher SAUNDERS ELEC FITT 11-Jul-47 22-Jun-05 57 35SQN 4-Jun-69 2-Aug-69
A45003 CPL Herbert Roy SHARPE AF FITT 17-Apr-30 24-Sep-77 47 35SQN 11-Feb-66 26-Feb-69 Cardiac – (Two tours of 35SQN)
A13480 SGT Nevell John SMALLWOOD AF FITT 27-Oct-27 30-Aug-15 87 35SQN 10-Nov-65 18-Jul-66
O33695 SQNLDR Charles David SMITHIES GD PILOT 16-Nov-31 1987 56 35SQN 3-Nov-71 26-Feb-72
O25686 FLTLT Herbert Walter SOLOMONS ENG AERO 19-Apr-34 11-Aug-04 70 35SQN 18-Jul-66 17-Jul-67 Parkinsons Disease – Cancer
A220729 CPL Sydney John STENNER AF FITT 5-Apr-43 18-Jun-90 47 35SQN 15-Apr-69 9-Oct-69 Suicide
A221406 CPL James Robert STORER RAD TECH AIR 24-Oct-45 23-Sep-95 49 35SQN 18-Oct-70 8-Jun-71 Cancer Related Death
A222399 LAC Robert Campbell Hamilton SUND ENG FITT 18-Nov-44 22-Jun-05 60 35SQN 14-May-68 15-May-69
A31832 FSGT Gerald Joseph SUNDBERG ENG FITT 27-Oct-24 1993 69 35SQN 25-Nov-66 20-Nov-67
A11621 FSGT Ian TAYLOR RAD TECH AIR 27-Jan-28 23-Jun-05 77 35SQN 29-Jul-66 28-Jul-67
A317555 AC Werner Peter THEILEMANN AF FITT 30-Sep-46 not known ? 35SQN 3-Nov-71 19-Feb-72
A19601 LAC Stanley Robert TILLEY AC METAL WKR 31-Jul-25 6-Jul-10 84 35SQN 14-Jan-66 15-Aug-66
A56059 LAC Hendrik Gerard VAN DER WOUDE AF FITT 29-Jan-43 3-Jun-90 47 35SQN 18-Jan-66 24oct19663 Cancer Related Death
A217790 SGT Tom VAN DYKEN ELEC FITT 31-Jan-29 20-Jun-17 88 35SQN 21-Jun-66 12-Sep-66
A111672 LAC Roderick Graeme VINEY ENG FITT 24-Sep-46 8-Jul-73 26 35SQN 29-Oct-69 24-Jul-70
A56032 CPL Daryl Keith WAGHORN ELEC FITT 30-Dec-42 14-Aug-78 35 35SQN 9-Apr-66 19-Sep-66
A316784 LAC Geoffrey Frederick WAY AF FITT 3-Nov-46 25-Mar-09 62 35SQN 4-Feb-69 6-Nov-69 Cancer Related Death
A224767 LAC Albert Douglas WILLIAMS GEN FITT 18-Sep-41 20-Feb-03 61 35SQN 23-Jul-69 24-Jul-70
A222470 LAC Maxwell George WILSON GEN HAND 19-Mar-43 5-Dec-07 64 35SQN 6-Jan-66 8-Sep-66
O43348 FLTLT Kevin Vernon GRIFFIN ENG AERO 31-Jan-41 Late 2001 60 35SQN 17-Jun-69 17-Jun-70 MID
A11948 FSGT John Colin CAMPBELL ELEC FITT 28-Jan-28 16-May-92 64 35SQN & 2SQN 14-Mar-67 26-Mar-70 Two Tours to Vietnam
A222520 LAC Kenneth Thomas GOSSNER GEN HAND 26-Jul-45 23-Jun-05 59 35SQN & 2SQN 19-Nov-68 20-Nov-69
A55714 CPL Raymond Charles CHANDLER A/C METAL WKR 22-Sep-37 10-Oct-07 70 35SQN & 9SQN 22-Oct-65 29-Jan-71 MID Cancer. Two Tours to Vietnam
A25884 SGT Daniel John GRAHAM AC METAL WKR 17-Oct-30 20-Dec-06 76 35SQN & 9SQN 23-Jan-67 12-Jun-69 Two Tours to Vietnam
A113076 CPL Kevin Lawrence PATERSON CLERK ADMIN 23-Jun-48 13-Dec-05 57 35SQN & 9SQN 13-Aug-69 15-May-70

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