RAAF Caribous Service Periods in Vietnam by Periods

Hi Everyone,

We have been contacted by Wayne Buser from USA. He has asked for some help from 35 Squadron.

He has a web site about the de Havilland Caribou and Buffalo aircraft  www.dhc4and5.org. And also a section on the RAAF Caribous  – have a look when you get a chance:  http://www.dhc4and5.org/http://www.dhc4and5.org/Caribou_Photos.html 

Wayne has added 11 photos of a RAAF Caribou he took at the 1999 Downunder Airshow in Avalon and that started his RAAF section. Over the years many people from Australia have sent him photos and data.

Some of you may have info about the RTV/35 Squadron time in Vietnam. Wayne is redoing the RAAF section and hope to do a section on the RTV/35Squadron. He has also made a time line for the Caribous in Vietnam (attached PDF file). If you have time to contribute please verify the data the Wayne has entered. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PDF RAAF Caribous in Vietnam PDF

If you know of any members of the RTV/35 Squadron who may have photos of data I would like to get in contact. I am happy to credit them for the photo or data.

Wayne is a Vietnam Vet who serviced in Vietnam in 1963 and 65. He is also the historian for the Army Otter and Caribou Association.

In the later 90’s Wayne worked in Canberra for the Hughes Aircraft Company.

Again, any help provided would be much appreciated.

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