New Books

Wallaby Airlines | 35 Squadron | RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam

New Books

June 18, 2018 History 0

The following texts have been added to our online library:

Vietnam. Extracted from the Autobiography. A Flyer’s Life – Gary Kimberley

35 Squadron. RAAF Caribou Operations in South Vietnam 1964-72 – Ted Strugnell

Charlie Don’t Surf, But Aussies Do – Stuart Scott

35 Squadron RAAF. Royal Australian Air Force, RAAF Base Pearce, No. 81 Wing RAAF, C-47 Skytrain, UH-1 Iroquois, Fairey Battle. – Lambert M. Surhone, Mariam T. Tennoe, Susan F. Henssonow (Ed.) 

Dakota, Hercules and Caribou – Stewart Wilson



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