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Don Pollock 1964 Deceased& Survivors


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Last D service Vung Tau please identify peple in photo!Atg6DGJBHIcm4XYmAV4R4xKFg3j1?e=1y7lhp

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Post Notification – Test 2 – Still Working on it guys

Hi all, You should only get this once – please let me know if you get this more than once. Thank you in advance! Almost there! Tech Support. Ranking Australia.

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Post Update – Test – Still working on it guys!

This is just a test – please let us know if you get this – we have disabled the notification as it appears to still send out twice. We are nearly there folks! Thank you for your patience. Tech Support. Ranking Australia.

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Sending Our Apologies

Hello everyone, Our Sincere Apologies to All. We have been trying to optimise the email systems and settings on the website, and during this process, this has caused inconvenience. We apologise for the trouble this has caused. We believe this has been fixed – however the only way to tell is to run another test!…
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Doolittle Raid April 1942

Doolittle Raid April 1942

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Pin Presentation Purpose Reunion Cancelation

We were going to present the aircrew with their pins on 30 June.  When each course graduates our Association presents them with a gold Spartan pin.  Due to COVID-19, the ceremony has been canceled. I believe we also need to cancel the proposed reunion in November.  I may still try to arrange the Association’s visit…
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Purposed Reunion November 2021 Ipswich

Reunion November 2021

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Caribou Cup Bowl Day Bundaberg

Caribou Cup 2021

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Bob Williams Story Caribou Driver


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35 Sqn history report 1969 A TEAM 1972 reports

35Sqnreports 1969 Ateam These are snippets from our history reports we have WW2 OCR &UHR.on our website, I will put  1964t01972  on our website soon sambo

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