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Wallaby Airlines | 35 Squadron | RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam

Don Pollock 1964 Deceased& Survivors


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Last D service Vung Tau please identify peple in photo!Atg6DGJBHIcm4XYmAV4R4xKFg3j1?e=1y7lhp

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Doolittle Raid April 1942

Doolittle Raid April 1942

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Pin Presentation Purpose Reunion Cancelation

We were going to present the aircrew with their pins on 30 June.  When each course graduates our Association presents them with a gold Spartan pin.  Due to COVID-19, the ceremony has been canceled. I believe we also need to cancel the proposed reunion in November.  I may still try to arrange the Association’s visit…
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Purposed Reunion November 2021 Ipswich

Reunion November 2021

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Caribou Cup Bowl Day Bundaberg

Caribou Cup 2021

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Bob Williams Story Caribou Driver


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35 Sqn history report 1969 A TEAM 1972 reports

35Sqnreports 1969 Ateam These are snippets from our history reports we have WW2 OCR &UHR.on our website, I will put  1964t01972  on our website soon sambo

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Orginals photos Various stories!Atg6DGJBHIcm4RBKMYz1p0ejcyN0?e=HoxBDO

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News Review December 1965 Caribou’s operation’s!Atg6DGJBHIcm4Q3nZhs0YcUXZaty?e=voiEyu Caribou’s supplying from the sky Chris  Sugden

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Various Stories Honor Roll ETC!Atg6DGJBHIcm2DhpT7h5msJ0J4M_?e=iZussp These photos and stories, honor are printable you can print if you wish the photo is the Last D service in Viet Nam can anyone help with names Sambo

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